Key Ingredients

Your skin is the biggest defense system of the human body. Your skin is sensitive to any unrecognizable objects. Your skin is full of nerve cells which immediately send information to the brain. The brain orders your skin to repel unrecognizable objects. The Fermentation process changes the cell structure of our proprietary ingredients then triggers the skin to act. Your skin accepts this serum and readily assimilates it into the epidermis.


With age, the immune system becomes less effective and inflammatory activity increases. This can lead to chronic inflammation characterized by a slow but continuous production of free radicals causing wrinkles and sagging skin. The term “inflamm’aging” describes this close relationship between inflammation and aging.


Apply a small amount to orbital eye area. Pat gently until absorbed. Can be used day and night.


  • Treatment Cleanser
  • Treatment Masque
  • Line Smoothing Treatment Serum
  • Treatment Solution
  • Treatment Crème VenoDefense
  • VenoDefense LIGHT
  • Treatment Crème (for sensitive skin)

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