Key Ingredients


The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it maintains its own extensive immune system. Langerhans Cells, which are the defense matrix of the epidermis, are essential to skin health.

Langerhans Cells are white blood cells generated in the bone marrow that differentiate when they arrive in the epidermis, where they develop small legs, or dendrites. These are the skin’s guardians, programmed to induce an immune response when something they don’t recognize comes in contact with the skin. Ingredients that have been treated with our proprietary fermentation technique are accepted by the Langerhans Cells and readily assimilated into the epidermis, thereby preventing any cellular imbalance, which has been shown to generate free radicals and accelerate aging. By working in cooperation with the Langerhans Cells, INNARAH acts as a biocatalyst, reducing skin damage at a cellular level. This process of fermentation and its complex ingredients are unique to INNARAH. Each ingredient is fermented in a special atmosphere and oxygen condition in order to ensure maximum efficacy. It is the first and only formulation to use this technology.


Skin treated with INNARAH becomes radiant with the “glow” or “light” that characterizes a young and healthy complexion.


In ancient times, the science of transformation was called “Alchima.” “Alchima” is the stream of processes through which matter can be elevated from one state to another. One stage of the alchemic process, called “Nigredo,” is linked with fermentation and is key to the transformation of life force within matter. Miso, wine, and sake are all created by the ancient wisdom regarding this process.

This unique fermentation process that employs the Nigredo techniques has been evolved into the highly effective products of INNARAH. This sophisticated procedure takes the natural ingredients through several stages so that the final formula will be recognized and work in cooperation with the Reticulate of Langerhans Cells, which forms the immune system in human skin.

This proprietary formulation process is radically different from that used in most cosmetic formulations, where ingredients are typically blended together and heated. In our products, the ingredients are fermented together over time while subtle changes are made in the pressure and the quantity of oxygen within each container. This way, there is no risk of oxidation. Like raw food, the ingredients maintain their potency.

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