Key Ingredients


Studies on the muscle-paralyzing components of the juice of the banana plant.

The stem juice of the Banana Plant (Musa species) has been used as an arrow poison by African tribesmen. Lyophilized, partially purified extracts of the juice, augment and then block both direct and indirect contractions that would increase wrinkling. We have isolated, purified, and determined the chemical composition of the active ingredients and characterized their pharmaceutical activity. The pharmaceutical activity in the banana plant juice was similar to that of potassium nitrate which augments in low and high concentrations. It then blocks muscle contraction during the neuromuscular transmission. The second component had a profile of activity for authentic magnesium nitrate which blocks neuromuscular transmission. It can be concluded that the 2 major active principals in the banana stem juice are those of potassium nitrate and magnesium nitrate.

INNARAH’S revolutionary B-4 Complex prevents the fixation of acetylcholine, the contraction
manager, for facial muscles that calm the muscle contractions that would increase wrinkling.

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