Key Ingredients

Pharmacology Research of Elk Antler Velvet

Elk antler velvet is composed of a variety of different tissues, including cartilage, collagen, protein, and glycosaminoglycans. Glycosaminoglycans help form cartilage proteoglycans which regulate cell differentiation and senescence.

As Protrocrin EAV is applied to the skin, tissue regeneration begins. The protein supports cell renewal by assisting in the synthesis of proteins and increasing circulation, mitosis, the number of fibroblasts, the accumulation of collagen and blood vessel formation. EAV repairs and protects the DNA and contains over 40 key compounds. Some of the compounds include the following:

  • Glucosome Sulfate-Building block of cartilage and a reported anti-inflammatory that is easily
    absorbed into the epidermis.
  • Prostoglandins-A powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Cell Growth Factors-Aid in cell development and cell regeneration.
  • All Essential Amino Acids-The building blocks of protein.

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