Key Ingredients


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jaffery is the former CEO and founder of Perfective Cosmetics, Inc. He has more than 40 years of experience in skincare formulation and manufacturing and holding the patent on glycolic acid skincare products. He developed a revolutionary line of oxygen based products that are sold in prestigious spas around the world. He has formulated and manufactured products for some of the most well- known companies in the world as well as develops proprietary formulations for some of the most renowned dermatologists, such as Dr. Jay Barnett, Dr. Perry Robbins, Dr. Robert Auerbach and Dr. Norman Orentreich, Dr. Ava Shambam, and Dr. Joseph Michael Pober.

Mr. Jaffery has more than 500 personally developed unique cosmetic formulations. He received his pharmacist’s license from the state of New York and he then successfully ran his own pharmacy for 10 years until becoming fully engaged in skincare manufacturing.

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